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Of the Valley
Of the Valley got started in January 2016 as a way to share my life, travels, and things that I am currently interested in. I love all things pretty and creative including fashion, beauty, interior design, art, cooking, and photography.

Of the Valley got it's name from an affectionate nickname given to me by my mother. Since I was young my mom always told me I reminded her of a flower. Personally, I think I was wimpy, but my mom always called me delicate. Because of this she nicknamed me Lilly, sometimes extended to Lilly of the Valley.


I graduated from the University of Dayton in 2014 where I was a Pi Beta Phi and majored in Communication Management with a minor in Business Leadership. I actually enjoyed writing papers for class, and was always terrible at any kind of math, so Communication was my ideal major.

After I graduated I moved back home to Cleveland to join the corporate world. I now work in legal services for my family's company. I looked for jobs in Marketing Communications at other companies, but decided I wanted to put my efforts toward the company that my grandfather built from nothing. Although legal services aren't my passion, I feel true accomplishment knowing I'm helping accelerate his dream.

In the meantime, I enjoy writing for my blog and browsing other blogs for my much-needed dose of prettiness and inspiration. Some of my favorites are Gal Meets Glam, College Prepster, and Atlantic-Pacific.

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