Ireland: Dingle

After spending the day in Galway, Connor and I headed south toward Dingle. We drove part of the King of Kerry to get there, and kept pulling the car over to take in all the amazing views.

I was glad I brought my tripod along so Connor and I could take pictures together. We stumbled upon many different look out points with views of mountains and rivers, and even drove through a town with a windmill right on the water.  
When we arrived in Dingle we dropped our bags off at the Dingle Bay Hotel and spent most of the afternoon exploring the bay and main street, Strand Street. We had perfect sunny weather and walked by the water admiring all the sail boats and rows of different colored houses. 
After walking around the bay we headed back to the main street to check out the different shops and restaurants. Dingle is famous for Murphy's Icecream, made right there in Dingle. I had a mixture of Irish Coffee and Silky Smooth Chocolate, and Connor had two scoops of Dingle Sea Salt (much better than it sounds). 
We walked around several different streets in the small city lined with colorful store fronts. We ended up popping into the Dingle Pub for dinner where I had my first Murphy's and a really delicious piece of stuffed chicken. The pubs in Ireland have no shortage of live music, and we spent several hours enjoying dinner, listening to the bands play, and chatting with the group seated next to us. An older man who was part of the group even stuck a 10 euro bill in my hand and told me to go to the bar and by my brother and myself a Guinness. I was blown away by the small act of kindness
We headed back for the night and awoke to a full Irish breakfast in our hotel the next morning. We enjoyed scones, scrambled eggs, and fresh coffee before heading off to our next destination. 

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