2016 Goals

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming year, there are so many things I want to do and accomplish, big things that I've never done before. I want to make some major investments and lifestyle changes, and really broaden my horizons. I would like to travel and definitely make some new friends.


Lately I've been striving to really make myself happy. I want this to be a year full of personal growth and most importantly happiness.

1. Finish Harry Potter series
2. Read 15 books
3. Travel to 5 new places
         1. Put-In-Bay
         2. Ireland
         3. Cape Cod
4. Save up 30k
5. Buy a home (Got an apartment, does that count?)
6. Get a dog
7. Make 2 new friends
          1. Amy
8. Go one month without shopping
9. Blog on a regular basis
10. Start planning lunches and dinners (and actually cook)
11. Work on my skiing skills
12. Discover/learn a new hobby (working on photography)
13. Go to bed and get up earlier to be earlier to work
14. Start going to more challenging yoga classes and practicing at home (Starting going to Vinyasa flow yoga on 1/10)

I might also create monthly goals and continuously add/check things off this list. We'll see :)

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