Weekend Snapshots: West Side Market

Any weekend filled with Hannah, country music, and tacos is bound to be a good one. Friday started with the Luke Bryan concert at Blossom with Tom. It has been raining for days here, and since the concert was outside we were worried about getting drenched. However, the rain held off and we had a great time seeing Lukey shake it. We drank lots of Bud Light and we (I) danced all night. I was having such a great time I actually forgot to take pictures - but those are the best kind of nights. 
On Saturday I got a text from one of my best friends Hannah that she would be in town this weekend! We, naturally, made plants to go to our favorite taco spot that evening, Barrio. In the morning Tom and I grabbed breakfast at Yours Truly and spent most of the day laying around trying to avoid the rain. We watched way too many episodes of House of Cards while cuddled up in bed.
Later that evening Hannah came over and the three of us headed to Barrio. We shared chips and queso, margaritas (Mango for Tom, Blood Orange for me, and Peach for Hannah), and the best tacos I've ever had.
Tom had to get home after dinner since he was headed to Cape Cod in the morning (I'll be meeting him next weekend), so I had the rest evening to myself. It was nice to be able to do a little reading - I'm currently working on The Cursed Child - and get to bed early. 
On Sunday morning Hannah and I made plans to go to the West Side Market, an open air market downtown. I hadn't been since I was in high school, so I was excited to check out everything it has to offer. The market was filled with people shopping for local produce, pasta, bakery items, meats, fish, and more. Hannah and I shared Nutella crepes and iced coffee, and I stocked up with items to make for dinner this week. I bought basil-garlic pasta, truffle and cheese ravioli, and pomodoro sauce from Ohio City Pasta, pierogies, and some fresh fruit!  
I made the pasta with pomodoro sauce last night and it was absolutely amazing. The sauce had the perfect amount of spice and flavor - I was in heaven. I'm planning on taking Tom with me to stock up on fresh groceries next time we're both home. I'm soo excited for Cape Code next weekend so hopefully this week flies by!

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