Finley, known by everyone as Finny, came home to us on July 14! Looking back at these pictures from when we first got him he looks so tiny, he has already grown to around 16 pounds now! He was born in May and has definitely grown into one crazy pup. 
Finny is a Wheaten Terrior and is just a little fluff ball with endless amounts of energy. His hair is sooo soft, he feels like a teddy bear. However, anything within reach is used as a teething ring, whether it is a shoe lace, finger, leg of a chair, or the hearth of the fireplace. 

He is a smart little guy and already knows sit, lay down, and paw. We're working on roll over at the moment, and have learned that his favorite treat while practicing new tricks is blueberries. 
When he's not being a crazy puppy he is actually very cuddly. If you kneel down he will run right up to you and nuzzle himself against you, it's so cute. But if you stay at his level for too long you might get a nip to the nose (I know from experience). 
He is the greatest little guy to have around the house and has already brought so much happiness to our lives. He still has a lot of growing to do and will eventually get to be about 35-40 pounds. He's just so freakin cute and I'm so obsessed. 

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